Centred on the pretty green town of Jinka, South Omo is Ethiopia’s most culturally and linguistically diverse administrative zone, supporting 16 different ethnic groups who all staunchly keep to their unique traditional costumes, customs and beliefs.

The Mursi, inhabitants of South Omo are remarkable for their body art. Hamer women are notable for their long-fringed, henna dyed dreadlocked hairdo, while the men must perform a unique bull-jumping ritual as an initiation into adulthood. The Karo, who live alongside the Omo River as it flows along the zone’s western boundary, are celebrated for their colourful ritual body painting.

The best way to explore South Omo is to visit a few of its small towns on their specific market days, when a diverse mix of colourfully-adorned villagers can be seen buying and selling wares.


Also within South Omo, the little-visited Lower Omo UNESCO World Heritage Site, set close to where the Omo River empties into Lake Turkana, protects a number of important paleontological sites. The area is also home to people with diverse cultures and natural beauty with national parks and amazing flora and fauna, it is one of the unique places in the world which encompasses various cultures inhabit such a relatively small piece of land.

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Great Ethiopia Run

Great Ethiopia Run

The Greatest Fun Run in the world

Duration: 3 Days Tours

Join the greatest fun run in the world in the land of runners, Great Ethiopian Run 2017 with ET Holidays offer.

The 10k event is the biggest running event in Africa with more than 40,000 participants, 500 elite runners and several hundred runners from overseas.

Great Ethiopian Run marked the first time that a major annual 10 km race had been held in the country, renowned for producing world class runners.The run takes place in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, which is 8,000 feet above sea level making it a must do event in the running calendar. And More It’s been referred to as ‘the most exciting race in the world’; it is almost certainly one of the world’s noisiest, full of laughs races that switch the whole city to Carnival mode; and it attracts participants from all over the world.

Book this Fun with us and start with introduction to Beautiful Addis Ababa Nestled at the foot of Mount Entoto Addis Ababa enjoys a subtropical highland climate and the temperature is relatively constant throughout the year. your tour of the city will also include National Museum, Holy Trinity Cathedral in addition to sightseeing of the city.

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