Land of Origins


A visit to Ethiopia will enliven your senses! From seeing the breath-taking beauty of majestic and stunning scenery, to Hearing the sounds of exotic songbirds and ecclesiastical chanting to the Smell of pungent and enticing spices and of course the Taste of incredible food!

A visit to Ethiopia is rich with diversity from its culture, wildlife, history and its warm and welcoming people.


National airline/airport: Ethiopian Airlines/Bole International Airport

Time: GMT +3

Currency: The currency of Ethiopia is based on the decimal system. The units of currency are the Birr and cents. The Birr is divided into 100 cents.

Languages: Official language Amharigna (Amharic); Oromifa, Tigrigna and English are most widely spoken

International telephone code +251

Electric voltage 220V current alternating at 50Hz. Plug standards vary; most common are the Type C (European two-pin) and Type L (Italian three-pin).

Historic Route

Stopover Tour

Ertale Adventure

Rift Valley Tour

Southern Cultural Route